What a year it has been! My laser has now moved to Edinburgh Open Workshop and I am focusing on:

1. Laser Cutting Training if you have laser cutter and would like to learn how to get the best out of it

2. Consultancy Service, advising on purchasing a Laser Cutter

3. Undertaking Visiting Lecturing at Colleges and Universities.

Please email me for chat about any of the above.

The Laser Cutter has moved to Edinburgh Open Workshop, an exciting open access co-working space in Leith. It is possible to do Introductory Workshops at EOW (I will be teaching the first two on Sat 29th/Sun 30th Jan and Sat 12th/ Sun 13 March 2022) and then to go in an hire the laser cutter to realise your project. The focus at EOW is on enabling you to laser cut your own project. Please email Jessi Rich at EOW to book a place on either of these courses, if you don’t see them advertised on the Courses page of EOW’s website.

If  are looking to have something laser cut for you. I recommend clicking here to email Martha Ellis, who an artist based in Leith, with a laser cutter in her studio, who may be able to help you.