Download CUTE PDF WRITER, a free Plug-in if you don’t have a PDF writer

  1. In AutoCAD, go to PRINT
  2. Choose Cute PDF Writer (a free PDF download) or your usual PDF writer if you have one installed.
  3. Choose a sheet size bigger than your vector files and materials outline box
  4. Save Scale 1:1
  5. In the Drop down menu with the default DISPLAY, change to WINDOW
  6. Drag a window over the whole of your vector files and material outline box
  7. Save as PDF
  8. At the Edinburgh laser Cutting Studio we like : Cutting lines as RED, Engraving lines as GREEN, No Cut lines as PALE SKY BLUE
  9. Please create a VECTOR BOX the same size as the material and assign it to a pale sky blue for NO CUT
  10. Please prepare a new file for each material you would like to cut and label the file with YOUR INITIALS and the TYPE and THICKNESS of material you will be providing.
  11. Please bring your laptop with AutoCAD with you, in case any problems opening files,as I don’t have AutoCAD software in the studio.
  12. Please bring 10% extra materials, just in case.

Click here for full details on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.